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Theme Park AV provides technical support and engineering services for audio, video, and show control systems in the themed entertainment industry. Our expertise includes design, project management, installation, operations training,  troubleshooting, and repair of audio-visual entertainment systems. From theme parks to museums, waterparks, resorts, and cruise ships, we have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of what it takes to bring an attraction to life. Whether you need to repair an existing system or are working on a new project, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a captivating and spectacular experience for your guests.

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Who we serve

Experience Designers & AV Integrators

Leave the technical details to us…


As a creative experience designer, you seek new ways to create compelling and captivating new attractions. You have a creative vision for your attraction, and technology should never stand in the form of your creativity. Using technology, we can help you tell your story by transporting visitors to the world you have imagined and bringing your vision to life.

If you are an AV system integrator working on themed entertainment projects, you might have more tasks to complete than hours in the day. Scope changes or chasing down issues could cost you time and leave you and the rest of the project behind. We are here (or there) to lend a hand with programming, testing, troubleshooting, or any other project need you may have.


  • Commissioning assistance: Programming, testing, and troubleshooting of audio, video, show control, and networking hardware and software

  • AV system design ideas & review

  • System mock-up, setup, and programming

  • Peace of mind with ParkVault repository – A backup copy of all your system files

  • Trustworthy and reliable service without the overhead cost

  • Assistance with projects, big or small

  • Coordination with manufacturers to get RMA’s and prompt support

  • Remote & on-site work based on your budget, preference, and project needs

Equipment Manufacturers

Our goal is for your customer to have the best possible experience with your product.

You spend countless hours designing, engineering, building, and testing the best audio-visual hardware. However, issues can arise once the hardware is on-site due to system misconfiguration, third-party hardware, or many other external factors. Problems experienced by integrators, owners, and operators can harm your brand’s reputation, regardless of whether or not your hardware is the root cause. As technical brand ambassadors, we can support your brand’s reputation and help boost your sales by directly working with your support team to resolve any concerns and put your customers at ease. We understand that a client’s experience determines whether or not a specific product will be used again in the next project. We make it our business to ensure your customers have the best experience possible.

  • Assistance and education for key clients on the setup and operation of equipment

  • Support and positive experiences for your clients

  • Prompt remote or on-site support to quickly solve hardware/system issues

  • Clear communication between your support team and the client

  • Product Exposure

  • Identification of on-site technology trends and product placement opportunities

  • Reach a larger audience, establish new relationships with key customers, and strengthen existing ones

Attraction Owners & Operators

It used to work, but now it doesn’t? We can fix it!


Whether it is a brand-new system or one running for 30 years, you might be experiencing issues with your AV system. Maybe a setting has been changed, causing things not to work as they used to, or perhaps the person who used to maintain the system is no longer around. Whatever the issue, we can help you diagnose it and solve it. Suppose the solution requires new equipment or a significant overhaul. In that case, we can connect you with our network of attraction designers, manufacturers, and integrators to get you up and running as fast as possible.



  • Flexible service options that fit your budget, schedule, and needs

  • Understanding the unique requirements of theme entertainment

  • Staff training

  • Project overview, downtime mitigation, solution approach, and cost estimate in advance

  • Project overview, risk assessment, downtime mitigation, and approach created before any work is performed.

  • Reduce costs by getting maintenance upkeep recommendations and staff training

  • Peace of mind with ParkVault repository – A backup copy of all your system files


How we do it

We start by talking with you to learn and understand the task and the type of assistance you need. Once we have identified the goals, we gather information about the system, create a risk assessment, and generate a defined approach plan before starting any work.

Once we begin work, we take a thorough approach which includes documenting and backing up any system files and configurations that will be worked on. This allows us to restore the system to the last state if ever required.  After that, we begin a systematic step-by-step troubleshooting of the system. Once the issue is identified, a remedy plan is generated and implemented after approval.

Depending on the type of issue you are experiencing, we can troubleshoot the problem remotely or by going on-site to diagnose and provide a solution. Sometimes, a combination of both on-site and remote work may be necessary. In situations where the issue is intermittent, the remote solution is a great cost-effective option that does not require us to be on-site physically. However, we can still monitor the system for you 24/7 to identify and solve the issue. If you’re looking for a hands-off, turnkey solution, on-site support is the best approach! Just bring us on-site, point us to the problem, and we will take care of the rest.

Remote Support


When remote support is requested, we will send a plug-and-play system that allows us to access, monitor, and control your A/V system from anywhere in the world. All we need is an internet connection. The ShowAccess includes all the necessary hardware and software to interact with your A/V system. Once the system is online, the on-site tech will be the hands, while the ShowAcces system becomes the eyes and ears.



On-Site Support

Focus on what matters, leave the rest to us.

If you are looking for a hands-off solution, or if the situation does not permit for a remote system, we will travel to your location with all the necessary tools to work on the issue. Once on-site, all we need is access to the facility, and we will take care of the rest. Whether you require troubleshooting or programming, we act as an additional resource for you while on-site. We focus on the system challenges so you can focus on what matters.



Our Expertise

Audio System Support

  • DSP programming and sound system optimization
  • Signal distribution & audio infrastructure (analogue, digital, point-to-point, and fiber)
  • Conventional and line-array speakers
  • Intercom & paging (wired and wireless)
  • Audio playback hardware
  • OBA (onboard vehicle) audio playback, amplification and on-board off-board control and synchronization

Video System Support

  • Projector alignment and calibration
  • Image/Video processors setup and configuration
  • Video monitors
  • Switchers
  • Signal Extenders (analog, Fiber, and IP based)
  • Video playback servers


Show Control Support

  • Hardware and software configuration
  • New show, refurbishment, or overlay programming assistance
  • System integration with audio and video hardware systems, TCP, UDP, modbus TCP systems and PLC protocols
  • Synchronous and asynchronous show control
  • Integration with special effects systems (scent machines, fans, water effects, etc.)

LBE-IT Infrastructure

  • Show system LAN, SAN, WAN integration
  • Routing and networking
  • Indoor and outdoor wireless networking
  • Linux WebServers
  • Python, Bash, Lua scripting and automation (when relevant to av systems)

Staff and Operators On-Site Training

  • Hands-on on-site staff training and education on best practices of operation and maintenance of the facility’s A/V system
  • First response troubleshooting techniques

ParkVault™ Attraction Repository

  • Repository and backup of all facility show files: hardware configurations, software and firmware files, media files, system diagrams, red-line drawings, as-built, etc.
  • Secure offsite encrypted storage on our own virtual private servers
  • 24/7 availablility with user access control

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